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Vrontados Vrontados, a seaside town situated among olive trees, gardens, almond trees and many other fruit- bearing trees is located in the north of Livadia (a northern suburb of the Municipality of Chios) and in the East of mount Aipos. It has 4.500 people most of whom are excellent seamen, merchants and scientists. In the revolution of 1821 they offered a lot to the Greek Fleet. Today, there are still Vrondadian ship owners who honor the Chian and Grecian Navy, with their merchant ships. 

According to tradition, Christopher Colombus, visited Vrontados in order to study Nautical charts and get information of experienced Vrondadian Seamen who would help him to his great voyage for the discovery of America. In Vrontados there are a lot of churches, among which the cathedral of Saint George, the church of Panagia Erithiani with it’s wonderful pebbled yard, and the church of Saint Mark.

Town Hall