As you travel around Kampochora in springtime, the olive and the almond groves are all red, as far as the eye sees. Because they are full of those beautiful flowers called tulips. The spectacle is wonderful.

The dark red flowers are all around, thanks to Nature; they impress the visitor who doesn't know that the tulips in Chios are self grown on this island, where you can find six of the eleven species of tulips that exist. Here, we call the tulips "lalades" (which comes from the Turkish "lale") and according to the kind of tulip in question, we call them either "Turkolades," "Frangolalades," "laladakia politika" or tulips "kimatofilles." It is already known that when Dutch sailors passed by Chios they took along tulip corms back to their country; cultivated them and made Holland famous as the country of tulips. But now, the Municipality of Kampochora in cooperation with the Department of Environment of the Aegean University , and the Aegean Ministry, are carrying out a programme which has as a goal the reclamation of the tulip. A greenhouse and a plantation have been made (colonizing of Ververato), where the possibility of lengthening the blooming time of the flower which now blossoms in Match and April is examined.

So, a new kind of agricultural activity has been developed where the name of Chios is also known for its special variety of plants, having as an addition to the "mastiche" (masticgum), the tulip as well.