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Just 7,5 kilometers away form the city of Chios is one more village of the Municipality of Kampochora, Ververato. Surrounded by other villages, one can see it a little further away from Halkios, South of Zifias, going to the West. Even though it is a small village, it stands out for its ponds and plentiful waters.

It is found in the North of the area of Lavrinas, East of Halkios, South of Zifias and West of Profitis Helias. If someone wants to see how "united" all those places are, all he has to do is climb on a hill of the rocky area of Petrana and admire the view from up there.
It has only a few houses, since the citizens are only 340 (1991 census). They are occupied with agriculture and gardening.

After the joining of the divided colonizings of the Municipality, the old Community Center of the village "gave" its building to the Municipal Water and Sewage Company of Kampochora, which is located in the center of the external road. the village’s Doctor’s Office is found in the nearby room. The village has also a small sports stadium that was constructed recently.

Although the village has lost its "old color" and the customs that still remain are very few, it is still alive. The center of the happenings is the Educational and Civilizing Council, which with the citizens’ help tries to take advantage of all opportunities to develop the area.

The history of Ververato and its assistance to all the hard days of the wars is remarkable. the ruins of the forts and the castles that remain until today prove it.

The name of the village, as some people say, came from the "Ververis", the last name of a Spanish citizen. One of the castles of the village belonged to him, but unfortunately time has left only a few remains from all the traditional buildings for us to admire and be able to travel back to those days. Looking from high up, the small houses, most of which have two floors, form big pyramidal quadrilaterals and seem gathered one next to the other. Around them, the green trees form a circle which hugs them and relaxes them with its freshness in the summer.