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The formation of the Municipality of Kampochora took place in 1990 after the uniting of six different colonizings of the area, which were functioning as autonomous communities. So, Halkios, Vavili, Vassileoniko, Ververato, Dafnonas, and Zifias compose one Municipality, that is an organized, powerful and energetic one that represents them strongly, and expands their development within modern society. The size of the municipality is 15 square kilometers and its population, according to the census of 1991, is 2.939 citizens. All the colonizings were located near the center of the island and the transportation is served by two main roads. the center of the municipality is Halkios, which has the largest population and a geographical position almost in the middle of all the other colonizings. The services of the Municipality are housed in a beautiful building of the Argendion School. It is a big building, built of stone, with the characteristic architecture of the first years of the century, since it was built in the 1917 by the Chian donators Pantelis Argentis and his wife Fani Skilitsi. initially it was used as a school. Nowadays, since it has been renewed and formed appropriately, with expenses paid by the European Community, it house besides the services of the Municipality, the Model Nursery School of Campochora, which was founded by the Municipality for the children of its citizens.

Apart from this offer to the citizens, it should be mentioned that all the services that have been composed at the Municipality, have the best service of the citizens of all the colonizings and also the development and the accomplishment of many pieces of work for the development of the living standards of the area, as a goal. Such is the composition of the second on the island of Chios Municipal Service of Irrigation-Draining, which handles sufficiently the problems and needs of the colonizings. It is logical, that the development of these colonizings is due to joining a Municipality. A lot of money has been spent for many activities, for developing programs in which the Municipality takes part and of course a development in the social relations of the citizens of the colonizings is apparent, since everything is done for the mutual interest.