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Located in the city of Chios, near the harbour. The museum contains the following collections:

Chios Archaeological Museum
Letter of Alexander the Great to the Chians
(Archaeological Museum Of Chios)
  • Prehistoric and Archaic finds from the excavations of the British School at Emporeio.
  • Neolithic finds of the British excavations at Aghio Galas.
  • Archaic and Classical finds from the British excavations at Phana.
  • Various finds from the salvage excavations conducted in the district of Chios.

Opening hours:
Daily 08:00 - 19:00 (except Mondays in winter)
Address/ telephone:
Archaeological Museum Of Chios, 10, Michalon Str., Chios 82100, tel. (+30)-22710 - 22087, 42589, fax: (+30)-22710 - 20745