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The village of Vassileoniko is located 6 kilometers Southwest of the city of Chios, capital of the Prefecture, and very close to the <area of Kambos>.

The name Vassileoniko or Vassileonikos is compound by the words Vassileon and Oikos (Vassileon = of the Kings and -(o)ikos = home) and according to the popular tradition it came from the residence of a king who once lived in the village. It is also mentioned on Attalos’s sign which was found in Asia Minor.

In 1881, a destructive earthquake leveled the whole village, which according to "The History of Chios" written by G. Zolotas, was composed by a few houses with a central church, the last of which exists until today and is called Agios Georgios. The local tradition says, however, that at the village there were only three houses, in the so called Valide Tsiflik (=Property of Sultan’s Wife) near the castle of Doxara.

The temple of Agios Georgios was in the center of the village and it was a small one with only two windows. After the earthquake, a greater one was built by the citizens of the village, who apart from having been known to be the best gardeners, were also excellent builders.

The estates of the Sultans found in that area, were rented for 200 coins annually as a tax to the Sultan’s wife. The tenants were obliged along with the citizens of Dafnona and those of Karies, to watch and maintain the aqueducts of the town. After the slaughter of 1770 in Peloponnisos, families from there came to Chios and settled in Vassileoniko with the permission of the Turk supervisor (Agas), since the village was being closed with gates that opened only with his permission.