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Anavatos - General View In the North of Avgonyma there is Anavatos, the forth in size settlement of the Municipality of Homeroupolis. It is built on a steep and hard rock which impresses the visitor. The medieval settlement is believed to have been built on the top of this enormous rock, for military purposes for the supervision of the desert western coats of Chios. The village was abandoned after the horrible slaughters of 1822 and in our days it is a national Monument for all the Chians and Greeks. The old village keeps its medieval look with the fortress, the arcs «Taxiarchis» Church and the wonderful «three storey» building where the olive press was housed, the School and the Church of Panagia.

Anavatos - General View The few residents welcome the visitors to the new settlement in the north part of the mountain. The cheerful residents of Anavatos show tourists their local products (honey, aromatic plants, local cheese, and home- made sweets). The village coffee shop offers tasty home made sweets and ouzo delicacies whether summer or winter. One can get to Anavatos in 45 minutes following a wonderful road which connects Anavatos with the Town of Chios.
There is also a climbing path in the forest which starts from «Provatas» mountain and leads to Anavatos. There are rooms to let and hotels in Vrondados, in Aygonyma, and in Karyes, while there are clean beaches for swimming in Vrondados and Elinta in the western coasts of Chios.