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Monastery of Agioi Pateres It is a beautiful amphitheatrically built village, in the southwest of Vrondados and in the South of the town of Chios. In the village there is plenty of cool water. In the center of the village 10 minutes by bus or taxi, under the coolness of the plane and walnut trees the visitors can enjoy the local delicacies along with ouzo or drink a Byzantine coffee. The festivals of the Churches of Theotokos and of Santa Marcella during the summer are full of people.

The residents are breeders, merchants, construction workers and civil servants. There are also lots of immigrants who never forget their home town. There are 700 residents in Karyes.Following the road leading to Nea Moni we face the top of Penthodes with the Monastery of Saint Mark. Inside the Monastery there is the burial ground of Parthenios, founder of the Monastery.