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Halkios is on the Southeast part of our beautiful island and in the middle of Kampochora. It's the center of the Municipality after the joining of six colonizings. It is located about eight and a half kilometers away form the town of Chios with which it communicates with contemporary transport means.

From the East it is near Vassileoniko, from the West it is adjacent with Ververato, from the North with the mountain Korakari, from the South with Vavili and Neochori and from the Southwest with Zifia. On your way up to Agios Georgios, your sight lies beyond Halkios to Kampochora, Thimiana, Tholopotami, and Agios Georgios Sikousi

The village Halkios is the biggest of all the villages of the Municipality. It has a population of 906 citizens (1991 census) and the cultivating land covers 3,9 square kilometers, without the big extents of pasture-ground of Korakari, Misovouno and Mili.

Halkios was always characterized as "Kefalochori" (=rich and big village), with a rich agricultural production of cereals, crops, gardening products, hesperids, olive oil, almonds, and the famous beans from Halkios. In the old days there was a production of wine and tobacco, but not anymore.

The Town Hall is located on the main external road of Halkios, since it is in the center of the Municipality of Kampochora.

The Municipal School Center, on the main external road of Halkios which is at the place of the old Fliskion School for Girls, is a five-teacher-school. Students from other colonizings of the Municipality also study in this school, beside the ones from Ververato and Vavili that have their own single-teacher schools.
The Nursery School of Kampochora is also located in Halkios, and it is housed under the rooms of the Town Hall.