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A few tips and suggestions for those planning to visit Chios.

The islands of the Eastern Aegean are relativily large and independent and very rich in history, resources and attractions. Each island has many distinctive characteristics. The proximity of these island to one another means that most foreigners try to visit at least couple of them during a holiday trip. But it must also be said that their distance from the Greek mainland and the existence of so many more familiar islands (Myconos, Rhodes, or Corfu, to mention just a few) meant that relativily few foreigners have made their way to these Eastern Aegean Islands, including Chios. The island of Chios has not been overhelmed by international tourism and the visitors still feel they are guests in authentic Greek locales. Resonant with an atmosphere, environment and culture of its own, the island of Chios rewards those who are seeking an Aegean holiday with a special dimension.

A few tips follow:
- Don't expect to visit an island with tiny white houses, many tourist shops, or large luxury hotels.
- Most visitors of Chios during the Summertime are Greek which live around the world and return each year to the island to spend their holidays.

Chios is the right place for holidays if:
- You want to visit a place with authentic local culture
- You want to admire unique monuments and sightseeings
- You want to swim in many beautiful beaches that are clean and not too crowded
- You want to visit a place which mass tourism has not yet reached neither has spoiled it
- You want to stay in a place that offers full tourist services but also gives you the chance to move around on your own ways.

- The island is safe and offers a great variety, therefore it is suitable for families with small children as well as for individuals, groups etc.
- Because of the large size, a car or a motorcycle is recommended in orded to visit some of the places that cannot be reached by local transportation or by the organized excursions.
- There are organized camping sites, but camping is not allowed outside these, so in most cases the rental of a room is essential. Hotels and rooms can be found on most villages and near all the major attractions. Offcourse, the distances are not so great (approx. 60 km at most) so the whole island can be easily visited from any spot.
- The connectios to- and from the Island are good, you can easily visit other islands and Turkey is only a one-hour trip away.

You can find detailed descriptions of all the services and natural beauties offered by the Chios on other sections of this server, just follow the links.