I collect phonecards from all over the world with the following themes:

Greek themes


Have a look in my swap list and let me know if you have cards for sale or trade matching my interests.

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Acheloos.jpg (24106 bytes) Acheloos river
aidipsos.jpg (22147 bytes) Beautiful scenery of Aidipsos
roloi.jpg (39596 bytes) Ancient sun clock and 13th century church in Argolis
Argolis.JPG (23692 bytes) Ancient ruins in Argolis
stemnitsa.jpg (34794 bytes) Stemnitsa - Picturesque village in Arkadia
leonidio.jpg (24827 bytes) Monastery in Arkadia
athos.jpg (35741 bytes) Monasteries on Mt.Athos
kalavrita.jpg (33349 bytes) Monasteries in Kalavrita
chania.jpg (21870 bytes) Beautiful scenery of Hania (Crete Island)
siteia.jpg (23120 bytes) Beautiful scenery of Sitia (Crete Island)
Elounta.JPG (21021 bytes) Beautiful scenery of Elounta (Crete Island)
Eressos.JPG (23608 bytes) Beautiful scenery of Eressos (Lesvos Island)
Gythio.JPG (23304 bytes) Lighthouse in Gythio
kythnos.jpg (21697 bytes) Kythnos Island
Halki.JPG (29636 bytes) Halki Island
Amorgos.JPG (21396 bytes) Amorgos Island
Samos.JPG (23638 bytes) Samos Island
kastelorizo.jpg (37420 bytes) Kastelorizo Island
kerkyra.jpg (21971 bytes) Corfu Island
komotini.jpg (36070 bytes) Medieval bridge in Komotini
Korinth.JPG (25184 bytes) Beautiful scenery of Korinthia
pireas.jpg (22399 bytes) Port of Pireus
Platamon.JPG (24020 bytes) Mt.Olympus (Throne of Ancient Greek Gods)
trihonis.jpg (33649 bytes) Trichonis Lake
serres.jpg (7268 bytes) Kerkini Lake
Megdov.JPG (20485 bytes) Plastiras Lake
Xanthi.JPG (27361 bytes) Beautiful scenery of Xanthi
Xanthi-carn.jpg (39731 bytes) Carnival in Xanthi
birds.jpg (22718 bytes) Birds
Dimas.JPG (25753 bytes) Weight lifting -1st gold medal in Olympic Games of Atlanta
kah.jpg (46419 bytes) Weight lifting - 2nd gold medal in Olympic Games of Atlanta
Bakoyian.jpg (38786 bytes) High vault - Silver medal in Olympic Games of Atlanta
ote.jpg (22364 bytes) Internet and Yellow pages provider promo card
Sofcanis.JPG (23489 bytes) Sofcanis - Promo card
Transpl.JPG (25189 bytes) Organ transpant- Gift of life
pedestrians.jpg (56057 bytes) Respect for the pedestrians
Cult.jpg (39632 bytes) Thessaloniki - Cultural capital of Europe 1997
cinema.jpg (52284 bytes) Greek movie actors

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