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I began painting seriusly at the age of eight. I began taking art classes at the age of nine with a local Chian Artist-teacher, Maria Sarris (well-known in Greece for her numerous exhibits and her versatility in style). At the age of ten I had a one art show at the gallery of Pharos, a dynamic society made up of descendants of the Asia Minor holocaust. Since then I have taken part in one more exhibition. My parents encourage me to continue. My paintings are now made of charcoal, pastels, pencil, temera and also oils. I hope you like them!!!


Photos from my first exhibition.


Click on them for enlargement

Santa // medium: pencil // 14.5 x 14.5 cm


Statue // medium: pencil //

Boats // medium: pencil // 30.5 x 21.5 cm


The colosium //

medium: aquarelle // 28 x 39 cm

Arch // medium: charcoal //22.5 x 29 cm


Sunset // medium: pastels // 29 x 17.5 cm

Rowan Atkinson's portrait // medium: pencil //


Oldman // medium: pencil //