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The Fifth Primary School of Chios is placed in Varvasi. An area just out of the city of Chios. Varvasi was and is still is considered to be an area with many refuges, and many problems that seem to be decreasing year by year.

The Fifth primary school was built in the year 1936, at a time when George Papandreou was the minister of Eucation.

Before 1936 it was named the Refuge School of Agiasmenou. It had only two teachers in a building near Panagia Farkaina Church. For this reason the students of Varvasi area had to attend other schools in the city of Chios.

It's first year 357 children enrolled to the school. The first grade consisted of 65 students.

The school had 4 classrooms and for many years there were only 4 teachers. Later on the school occupied 5 teachers and after that 6. The corridor and the basement of the school were used as classrooms.

Another classroom was also added, where the teacher George Kakaris taught in the prototype-experimental primary school.

In the year 1965 another two classrooms, two offices and a storage room was built. Fom the 1939 to 1961 the headmaster of the school was Konstantinos Koustoubekis. K. Koustoubekis among with Angeliki Moshouri, Stamatia Monioudi and Anna poulaki were the first teachers.

During oppresion and after the bombing the school became the courthouse of Chios.

After the retirement of K. Koustoubekis the headmaster became Konstantinos Angas until the year 1966.

In 1962 K. Koustoubekis teaching position was taken by Nikolaos Prinos, also Vasiliki Theofilou replaced Angeliki Moshouri.

For a year Anna Poulaki became headmistress but due to old age. She gave her position to Nikolaos Prinos who was the headmaster until 1981. From 1981 to 1986 headmistress was Vasiliki Theofilou.

At that school, many teachers had taught. Some of them are:

K. Mendonidou, K. Damala, S. Tsouri, A. Samiotaki, G. Geragotellis, M. Magos, A. Pitsos, N. Krallis, E. Kokolaki.

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Αυτή η σελίδα είναι μέρος της σελίδας του 5ου Δημοτικού Σχολείου Χίου

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