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The increasing importanse of tecnology to man resuilted in creating new needs to people. Due to this, it is highly important for a young person to learn about technology from a young age.

The Ministry of Education therefore decided on introducing a computer education course to the Junior High Schools. But the way the lesson is taught is not quite affective since it as based on theory rather than prctice on a computer.

In contradiction to the Junior High Schools, some Primary Schools (which do not have an official computer lesson) have taken upon them with the help of the parents a different approach to the whole mather, which in not so theoretical but the emphasis is on the practical use of the computer.

The Fifth Primary School of Chios is the firc=st school in Chios which introduced the computer to its students.

It first started in 1994-95 with seven computers type 386/60hz with black and white monitors which were bought by the parents board and the school collaborate. The course was taught by Christos Kontogiannis once a week and only to the 6th grade.

In the school year 1995-96 another two computers were bought type 486/100hz with a coloured monitors,also a cd-rom and an inject printer. During that school year the course was taught by Themis Kolliaros and again anly to the 6th grade, during the teaching of another course School Life.

In the year 1996-97 the four black/white screens were replaced by coloured, and a scanner HP was also bought.

This year the computer education course iw taughting in grades 4, 5, and 6, by Themis Kolliaros.

Unfortunately an official course of computer eduxation does dot exist yet in the primary schools.

The children learn a drawing program by the Windows 3.1 and 3.11 method and the Microsoft Word.

After a few months time, the students had already learnt how to use the computer with no interference by their teacher, but only on a few occasions.

Following the example of the 5th Primary School of Chios other primary schools have bought computers, in that way helping their students come into contact with the new types of technologr.


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