The Naturalist on Chios, Greece.

Mike Taylor , Liverpool Museum.

Mammals on Chios

There are a few mammals on Chios including foxes, these are only seen occasionally. I have seen them twice in the Vrondados area, they have a reddish tinge to their coats.

Once when I was attending an insect trap, ( Malaise Flight Interception Trap), deep in amongst the uncultivated old oak area of Ochrea near Volissos, I became aware of being watched. Staring at me from a distance of about fifty metres was a medium sized ' fox ?'. It had long grey hair, pointed ears and long nose and tail, it reminded me of Jackal, a species with which I was familiar from my African travels. I consulted the literature at the Liverpool Museum, on my return to the U.K., and was able to recognise the pictures of Jackal as being very, very close to the animal I had seen at Ochrea. At the time of my sightings I discovered well worn trails made by some animals in the long grasses and vegetation nearby, there were also 'spraints' of droppings, some of which I collected for examination by specialists at the Museum. These are in the freezers at the Museum awaiting investigation. It is understood that Jackal once occurred on Chios and Samos. It is currently considered extinct on Chios but is believed to still occur on Samos. Reports of further sightings would be welcome and should be investigated.

Beech Martins are seen occasionally in the upland areas, also as road casualties from time to time. Brown Hare and Hedgehogs occur though they are seldom seen. A few Otters were reported in the Delphini area in the early 1990's. Wood and House Mice, and Black and Brown Rats are also resident on Chios. No detailed information is to hand on the resident species of Bats on Chios, though observation shows there to be several, based on size differences.


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