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    Suggested Studios & Αccommodation in Chios Island

    Chios Apartments/Studios
    Accommodation Type Accommodation Name Location & Facilities How to Contact
    Apartments 7 Winds 7 Winds is a small family complex built amphitheatrically on a green hillside in Karfas, surrounded by trees and flowers, among colours and fragrances. Karfas, Chios 82100
    Tel. +30 22710 32336
    Fax: +30 22710 32335
    Studios Agali Beach At Kardamila village in Chios, in Agali beach beside the sea, you will find "Agali" double and triple studios, fully equipped with air conditioner, kitchenette, refrigerator, TV, private bathroom and free parking. Kardamyla Chios 82300
    Τel.: +30-22720 - 22613
    Studios Aigiali Aigiali Studios are located on the seaside of Limnos, one of the most beautiful beaches near the picturesque village of Volissos. Aigiali includes 12 studios and one apartment and offers many facilities to its guests, plus a a nice view to the sea. Mrs Mpaha Maria
    Limnos Volissou Chios 82103
    Τel.: +30-22740-21856
    Studios Aigiali Studios Aigiali Studios are nestled in the tranquil bay of Limnos; an idyllic beach with limpid water in the Aegean Sea. Limnos beach is close to Volissos, a historical village at the north-western part of Chios. Mrs Mpaha Christina
    Limnos Volissou Chios 82103
    Τel.: +30-22740-21856
    Apartments Anais 'Anais ' is situated in Mega Limniona, 7 kilometres from the town of Chios.There are six wonderful double houses overlooking the Aegean sea which can put up 4 to 5 persons, each one. Pateles, Megas Limnionas, Thimiana, Chios 82100 Greece
    Tel:.(+30-22710) 31998, 44675, (+30)6972196324
    Chios Noufaro Studios The Noufaro Studios and Apartments is situated right on the seafront in the Karfas area of Chios, just 150m from the main sandy beach of Karfas. You will be thrilled by the amazing sea views that the Noufaro studios and apartments offer! Chios Noufaro Studios
    Tel: (+30.22710) 41929, 32678, 33061
    Mobile: +30.694-6746667
    Chios Seafront Studios Conveniently located, SEAFRONT STUDIOS AND APARTMENTS is considered to be the only new and fully equipped Studio-Apartments in Chios town. MITROPOLITI PANTELEIMONOS FOSTINI 31, LIVADIA
    Tel: (+30) 2271042271, (+30) 6945416549
    Chios Studios In Daskalopetra of Vrontados, the visitor will have the chance to enjoy the green blue sea, the crystal clear beach with white pebbles just 20 meters away from the studios Daskalopetra - Vrontados - Chios
    Tel: +30.22710 - 22554, 92721, 24021
    Apartments Evagelia Apartments Evangelia Apartments is located in a magnificent area overlooking the deep blue sea in Karfas few kilometers from the city of Chios Karfas, Chios 82100, Greece
    Tel. (+30-22710) 51057
    Mobile: +30.6987274874
    Apartments/Studios Fotini Apartments - Pantelis Studios The apartments and studios "Pantelis" and "Fotini" are just 11 km from the town of Chios in the area of Agia Fotini, an ideal location for a beautiful and relaxing vacation Agia Fotini (Fotia), Chios 82100, Greece
    Tel. (+30-22710) 51057
    Mobile: +30.6987274874
    Apartments / studios Homely studios Conveniently located, HOMELY STUDIOS is situated next to the beach and overlooks the coast of Turkey in a calm and warm environment designed to provide hospitality of a high standard at very affordable prices. MITROPOLITI PANTELEIMONOS FOSTINI 31, LIVADIA
    Tel: (+30) 2271023490, (+30) 6945416549
    Apartments Karfas Rooms With a view to the beach of Karfas, five cosy apartments offer you all the peacefulness you need in the days of your relaxation. Enjoy the sea, the sun and the warm greek hospitality at Mytilineos Karfas Rooms. Karfas - 82100 Chios Greece
    Tel: +30-2271024811, +30-6972478307
    Apartments Manos Apartments You will find Manos apartments in a quiet environment with family hospitality just 150 meters away from Megas Limionas beach with the view of the endless blue of Aegean Sea. Manos Apartments - Megas Limionas
    Chios Island 82100, Greece
    Tel: +30-22710-33033, 24677
    Mobile: 6977982435
    Apartments Porto Limnia "Porto Limnia" are located in one of the most beautiful and picturesque areas of northwest chios, Limnia. Tree star rating luxury apartments with every modern comfort for ideal holydays. PortoLimnia - Limnia - Volissos
    Chios Island 82103, Greece
    Tel: +30-22710-21160, 21632
    Mobile: 6974397240
    Three Marguerites The "Three Marguerites" are situated in the area of Kampos in Chios. The apartments are fully furnished with WC/DC, kitchen, refrigerator, television, air-condition and telephone. Kampos
    Chios 82100, Greece
    Tel. (+30-22710) 31612
    Mob: 0030 694 5858417
    Apartments Zorbas Apartments Zorbas Apartments in Volissos & Limnos Beach are the ideal choice for your vacation. A block of 8 apartments, only 130 meters away from the seashore, Zorbas Apartments are built between two wonderful beaches, all of them with sea-view balconies. Zorbas Apartments at Limnos beach - Zorbas Mansion at Volissos Volissos, Chios, Greece
    Tel:+30-22740-21436, Fax:+30-22740-21720, Mobile: 6936-775999

    Chios Rooms
    Accommodation Type Accommodation Name Location & Facilities How to Contact
    Rooms / Apartments Benovias Rooms & Apartments In the area of Karfas, on Chios island, closely situated to a golden sandy beach with very clean waters, among trees and flowers, we have created a small complex of 14 apartments, "Benovias Apartments". Karfas, 82100, Chios, Greece
    Tel. +30 22710 32336 or 32451, Fax: +30 22710 32335
    Rooms Chios Ermioni Rooms "Ermioni" rooms are just 20 meters from the beach of Agia Ermioni in Chios island. Agia Ermioni - Chios Island - Greece
    Tel. +30.2271032366, +30.2271031359
    Mobile +30.694-7151653
    Rooms / Apartments Chios Rooms My View We are located at "Karfas" area that is the most touristy place of Chios and has been awarded with the "Blue Flag" as one of the cleanest beaches in Greece. Karfas - Chios Island - Greece
    Tel. +30 2271030306
    Mobile +30 6981163821
    Rooms Fani Rooms At the heart of Kampos, 6 km far from the city centre and three km from the beach, among the green orchards (gardens) and the magnificent noblemen's houses, our rooms are situated in a renovated antique building made of stone Kambos 821 00 Chios, Greece
    Tel: +30 22710-31081
    Mobile +30-6976361108
    Rooms Ionia Rooms IONIA ROOMS are located in the heart of the harbor, in the center of Chios town. Set in a neoclassical building of the early 20th century, renovated with great care to provide you with all the modern conveniences to make your stay pleasant and enjoyable. M. Livanou 1
    Chios Town 82100
    Tel: +30-2271082979, +30-6932467821

    Chios Traditional Guest Houses / Villas
    Accommodation Type Accommodation Name Location & Facilities How to Contact
    Traditional Houses Aroma Mastihas The villa is located in Agios Georgios, a village on the outskirts of the town of Chios and approximately 11 kilometers from the center of town. Agios Georgios, Chios island
    Traditional House Astrakia Astrakia is located in Kambos, 6Km south of Chios town, in a bio-caltivated garden of 1,5 hectare, full of orange trees and lemon trees. Kampos, Chios island
    Tel: +30-2271031609
    Cell phone: +30-6972187630
    Fax: +30-2271031788
    Villas Caravena Enjoy a wonderful holiday in Northern Chios (Kardamyla) nestled in the tranquility of a traditional 10 acre "Perivoli" abundant with grape arbors, figs, olives, citrus and fruit orchard. The enchanting Caravena Villas offer a unique combination of Chiotan history and the comfort of Class A accommodations. Kardamila, 83200 Chios
    Tel: +30-22720-23361, +30-22720-22992
    Fax: +30-22720-22073
    Mob: 6976043174
    Traditional Houses Lithos Homes Lithos Homes is a small complex of 4 stone-build houses located at the top of a hill in the traditional village of Volissos, in the Pyrgos-area. Volissos, Chios island
    mob.: +30.6936-690185
    Traditional Stone Houses Kalamoti Villas Kalamoti Villas are five stone-built houses of two rooms each, (living room, bedroom and bathroom) with a total capacity of 18 beds, situated in the medieval village Kalamoti Tel:+30.(22710)71486
    Mobile: +30.6945-145352
    Villas Komi Villas In a wonderfull bay, 500 meters away from the center of Komi village, you can find 2 fully equipped villas. They are rented by private contract as a summer or permanent residence. Komi Villas - Komi - Chios
    Tel: +30-22710-23560
    Mobile: +30-6944-633377
    Traditional Mansion Perleas Perleas Mansion in Kampos was built in 1640 in the distinctive lines of Genoan architecture. The ground floor is the residence of the mansions' managers and the first floor along with the outbuildings have 7 apartments that can host at least 14 visitors. Vitiadou Str - Kambos 82100 - Chios - Greece
    Tel: (+30)-22710-32217, 32962
    Fax: (+30)-22710-32364 email:
    Traditional Stone Houses Ta Petrina Ta Petrina's beautifully restored and charmingly decorated village houses offer you the opportunity to spend a relaxing and comfortable holiday in the peace and quiet of the traditional village of Volissos on the unspoilt island of Chios Greece.. Ta Petrina - Volissos Chios 82103 Greece
    Tel : (+30 22740) 21128
    Fax : (+30 22740) 21013
    Traditional Stone Houses Spilia Traditional Houses 'Spilia Studios' is a complex of four traditional houses in Kardamyla, in the island of Chios. Accommodation services provided for at least twelve people. In addition to a magnificent view, their location, at the highest point of the settlement, offers excellent conditions for concentration and solitude.. Tel. : +30-22720-22933, 22823, Fax: 22823
    Mobile: 6945-319737
    Kardamyla, Chios 82100, Greece
    Traditional Stone Houses Traditional Houses "Traditional Houses" are five stone-built houses of two rooms each, (living room, bedroom and bathroom) with a total capacity of 18 beds, situated in the medieval village Kalamoti Tel:(22710) 71486
    Mobile: 6945-145352

    Chios Hotels
    Accommodation Type Accommodation Name Location & Facilities How to Contact
    Hotel Agia Markella The Hotel "Agia Markella" provides quiet isolation and a breathtaking view of the shimmering Aegean Sea. It's a short distance from town, a mere five kilometers, and a short stroll to the beach Agia Markella Hotel
    Vrondados, Chios 82200
    Tel.: +30-22710 93763 –4, +30 6937448808
    Hotel Agiazi The warm and romantic environment of Campos's authentic traditional houses reigns in our rooms in combination with all the modern comforts. Single-bed, two-bed and three-bed rooms are provided in "Agiazi". Agiazi Traditional Hotel
    Kampos, Chios 82100
    Tel: +30.22710-32553
    Hotels Avgonima All Seasons Hotel You will find Avgonima All Seasons Hotel in Avgonima, Chios Greece, on a nice and quiet Medieval Village in the middle of the Island of Chios 20 minutes from Chios town. Chios, Greece, Avgonima 82100
    Tel: +306947941810
    Hotels Chios Riziko Hotel Riziko is a recently renovated mansion in Kampos area of Chios island, operating as a hotel with 10 luxury rooms. Kampos, Chios, Greece
    Τel: (+30) 22710-25863
    Hotels GoldenSand Hotel The GOLDEN SAND HOTEL is a luxurious A' class hotel, located on the sandy beach of Karfas, 7 km from the center of the town of Chios and 4 km from the airport. Karfas, 82100 Chios, Greece
    Τel: (+3022710) - 32080-81
    Fax: (+3022710) - 31700
    Hotels Mouzaliko Hotel The "Mouzaliko" is a family-run guest house which offers bed and breakfast. It is situated in the heart of Kampos, a very green, peaceful area with a rich historical heritage Kampos, Chios, Greece
    Τel: (+3022710) - 31624
    Hotels Pearlbay Hotel Pearl Bay Hotel is situated in the area of Vrontados, 7 kilometers from the city of Chios in Daskalopetra. It consists of 28 apartments which are characterized by minimal style with glamorous elements. Daskalopetra, Chios, Greece
    Τel: (+3022710) - 95694
    Hotels SeaViewResorts Hotel Sea View Resorts is a deluxe 5 star Hotel and Apartment facility located on the South East Coast of Chios Island in Karfas Karfas 82100 Chios, Greece
    Τel: (+3022710) - 33354-8
    Fax: (+3022710) - 31004