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Navigating the Site and
Locating Information
General Directions

This site provides information focused on the island of Chios, North Aegean Sea, Greece.
here are two ways you can locate the desired information inside this site: 

  1. Browse through the main categories, found on the toolbar (top part of the screen). 
The information is generally categorized in one of these sections. A few examples
- To find about local traditions and habbits, browse the Culture and Travel sections. Some information is also included in the pages of the local Municipalities. 
- To get information about tourist services (eg. hotels, rooms, or car rentals), look in the Travel AND Market sections. Here you will also be able to make your reservations and orders on-line. 
- For virtual sightseeing and tour of the island, look in the Travel section, but don't forget to visit the pages of local municipalities, since they offer a more detailed description of specific regions of the island.

  2. Send us a request by e-mail and we will quide you to the exact location(s). 
It is possible that while the specific information is available, it may not be publicly accessible. 
You may also request information currently not present, in which case we will either provide it online through this site, or we will guide you to the appropriate sources. Feel free to ask about anything you would like to know. We will be happy to help you at any time. Click HERE to send E-mail.

  This site uses frames in some sections and therefore needs frames-capable browser to be fully utilized and explored. However, the main sections do not have frames or any special effects (scripts etc) and they can be viewed by using any older browser.
 The toolbars containing links vary as you enter deeper in the site, to provide more section specific directions. However you will always find the "Homepage" link in any page.

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